Code of Conduct

Acting with integrity is fundamental to AlloyGator Ltd. By acting with integrity, we uphold the core values of the business and support our distribution partners and customers across the globe.

Fulfilling our mission
Our mission is to be the global leader in the design and manufacture of alloy wheel protection systems, maintaining the highest standards for quality, customer care, employment and ethics.
To nurture and maintain strong relationships with partners throughout the world and to reinforce our core values, passion, spirit and innovation in everything that we do. Not only does integrity underpin everything we do as a business, it also forms a key part of our vision for 2019.

Our commitment

To our customers
We are committed to providing innovative high-quality products that meet and surpass consumer’s needs and expectations. We understand that the security of our brand and the quality of our products has a powerful impact on our customers’ business and reputation and we will strive to continuously protect our products and improve operations to meet high quality expectations.

To our employees
We will ensure a cooperative partnership among all members of AlloyGator Limited, built upon a framework of mutual trust, respect and dignity. We are committed to selecting capable team-oriented people and providing them with challenging work in a safe, open, and inclusive environment. We will seek input to find the best solutions to problems and methods of making improvements in the workplace. We will share information, resources, and ideas, and we will develop the skills necessary to maintain an exciting work environment where decisions are made at the lowest appropriate level. Employees will be actively encouraged to make suggestions for improving our operations and the quality of work life.

To our suppliers
We are committed to developing cooperative relationships with our suppliers and other business partners by conducting our affairs in a fair and equitable manner. Our business dealings will focus on recognising critical mutual interests, including quality, cost, delivery, and continuous improvement.

To our community
We believe that a determining factor to our future success is our approach to the potential environmental impact our business can have in its day to day operations. We are therefore committed to acting as a responsible corporate citizen by considering prevention of pollution in all operational and business activities; and continually striving to improve processes to protect our environment

Who must follow the code?
The Code of Conduct applies to all employees of AlloyGator Ltd.
Business operations and employees are subject to the laws of countries and other jurisdictions across the globe. Employees should comply with the code and all applicable government laws and regulations. If there is a conflict with the code and the law, the law overrules the code.
If you are unsure what laws apply to you, or if you believe there is a conflict between the code and he laws you’re governed by, seek legal counsel before proceeding.

What is expected of everyone at AlloyGator?
Comply with the code and the law.
All of our employees, distribution and trade partners are required to understand the code and comply with the code and the law at all times. All AlloyGator associates must consider the code at all times when conducting themselves.

What is expected of managers at AlloyGator?
Managers should take a lead role in ensuring all AlloyGator associates understand and follow the code of conduct at all times.
Managers should:

  1. Ensure direct reports understand the code and their responsibilities
  2. Reinforce the importance of ethical compliance with the code and make it possible for employees to discuss the code if necessary.
  3. Create a comfortable environment for employees to discuss concerns without fear of retaliation.
  4. When evaluating employees, always consider the code and company policies.
  5. Never encourage unethical behaviour or behaviour that goes against the code in order to pursue business goals.
  6. Always act to stop violations of the code.
  7. Listen carefully if issues are raised regarding the code and answer any questions if possible. If an employee raises a concern regarding the code that requires investigation, inform the HR Manager or company legal counsel.

AlloyGator takes all reports of possible misconduct seriously. We strive to ensure all reports and investigations are dealt with confidentially. We will endeavour to determine whether the code or the law has been violated and take the appropriate action to resolve the issue.

If you’re involved in a code or law violation investigation, you should co-operate fully with investigators and law enforcement, answering questions truthfully.

Any retaliation against an employee who reports an issue is a violation of the code. Raising an issue cannot be the basis for any action against a person, including but not exclusive to separation, suspension, benefits loss, harassment or discrimination.

The business is committed to protecting those who make genuine reports of code violation, however it is a violation of the code to make false accusations or lie during an investigation.

Integrity in the business


  • Workers must be provided with a total compensation package that includes wages, benefits and paid leave which meets or exceeds the national legal minimum standards. Wages must not be paid in kind.
  • Written and understandable information must be provided to workers outlining the terms, conditions and wages of their employment before they enter employment.
  • The rights of workers to freedom of association and collective bargaining must be recognised and respected.
    Workers shall not be intimidated or harassed in exercising their right to join or refrain from joining a union

Business and Financial Records
All employees of AlloyGator should ensure the accuracy of company and financial records. These include financial accounts and quality record, time records, expense reports, stock reports, benefit claims and CVs.

The accuracy of records is the responsibility of all employees, ensuring we maintain the company’s reputation and meet legal requirements.

  • All business and commercial dealings must be transparent and accurately recorded in the supplier’s books and records.
  • Always record transactions in the appropriate accounting period and do not delay the recording of revenue.
  • All estimates must be supported with documentation.
  • Ensure all reports are complete, accurate, honest and easy to understand.
  • Never falsify a document or record.
  • Do not distort or alter records or official documentation.
  • Do not enable or support another employee to evade tax, alter a report or subvert laws or regulations.

Mistakes will occasionally happen. Only intentional efforts to falsify or alter official records or documentation will be considered a violation of the code.

Company assets

Company assets should only be used for the manner for which they are intended and shouldn’t be used for personal gain by anyone other than the business and its authorised associates.

  • Excessive personal calls or misuse of emails or assets is a violation of the code.
  • Always check to ensure you’re using company assets as intended and permitted.

Theft of company assets by any person(s) is a violation of the code and may result in termination of employment and/or criminal prosecution. This includes the theft of employee possessions.

The use of company assets outside of work responsibilities requires prior written approval from your line manager or HR department.

Use of assets

  • You are not permitted to engage in personal activities during work hours.
  • Computers and electronic equipment belonging to the business should not be used for illegal or unethical activity.
  • You should not take an opportunity to gain personally or financially that you have obtained because of your position at the company.


Any loans provided by the company to its employees must be approved in advance by the Board of Directors.

Use of information

You should not disclose any private or confidential information to anyone outside of the business except for business purposes. Always ensure the information is protected as much as possible, potentially through the use of a confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement.

Private or confidential information should not be shared with people inside the company unless they have a business reason to know.

All employees are obligated to protect the company’s non-public information at all times.

All company records must be retained according to the company’s policies and the law.

For clarification, confidential information includes:

  • Employee data
  • Inventions
  • Contracts
  • Strategies and business plans
  • Structural change plans
  • New product launches
  • Pending mergers and/or acquisitions
  • Technical product detail
  • Price information
  • Product or business proposals
  • Financial data
  • Product costs


The business respects the privacy of all its employees, partners and customers. AlloyGator are committed to protecting personal data and ensure we are compliant with all privacy laws at all times.

All AlloyGator employees who handle personal data should:

  • Act in accordance with the law and their contractual obligations;
  • Handle and process information only for business purposes;
  • Ensure only those who require the information for business purposes have access;
  • Ensure unauthorised persons are not permitted access to personal data.

Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

Conflicts of Interest

All employees should act in the best interests of AlloyGator. A conflict of interest arises when your personal activities and/or relationships begin to interfere with your ability to do your job and act in the best interests of the company.

Outside investments

Employees should avoid any investments or partnerships that may affect, or appear to affect, your decision making on behalf of the business.
If you have authority dealing with any suppliers at AlloyGator, you may not have a financial investment or interest in that supplier without prior written consent. You should obtain new written approval annually.
If you do not have authority in dealing with a supplier, you may own stock of the company.

Outside employment, speeches and presentations
Employees are permitted to be employed outside of AlloyGator as long as such employment does not affect your ability to do your job.
You are not permitted to be employed by or receive payment for services from any customer, supplier, partner or competitor of the business without prior written approval.

Outside service as an Officer or Director
Employees are permitted to serve as an officer or director of another not-for-profit organisation only with prior written approval from the Board of Directors. You must obtain new approval annually.

Relatives and friends
You may have friends or relatives who are employed by, or have vested interests in, AlloyGator. If you are responsible for dealing with a supplier with whom you are friends or related, you must ensure this does not affect your ability to act with the company’s best interests in mind. If you feel that your relationship could affect your decision making, you should consult your HR Manager.
Personal relationships at work should not affect your conduct in the workplace or your ability to do your job or conduct other working relationships. You must also not make any employment decisions based on personal relationships, but on qualifications, performance, skills and experience alone.

Do not accept gifts from suppliers, partners or customers if doing so may negatively impact your working decisions or the wider business.
Do not accept discounts or offers from customers or suppliers in exchange for undertaking work or making a certain business decision.
Do not offer customers or suppliers any special discounts or promotions in exchange for gifts.
Do not give company stock as a gift on behalf of the business under any circumstances.

Dealing with others
AlloyGator values its relationships with its employees, suppliers, partners and customers and expects its employees to treat others as they expect to be treated.

  • Do not engage in dishonest practices.
  • Always promote and present company products honestly.
  • Do not offer something to a customer or supplier with the intention of seeking an unfair advantage for the business.

Dealing with competitors
AlloyGator employees are encouraged to collect information about competitors and the wider industry but must ensure they do so in a legal and ethical manner, respecting the confidential information of other businesses.

The following restrictions should govern all information gathering activities:

  • You should not engage in illegal activity to obtain information.
  • Do not use or disclose information that you believe has been obtained illegally or disclosed to you in violation of a confidentiality agreement.

Further Information
If you require any additional information about the code, please contact your HR Manager.

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