Business Overview

Independently owned, AlloyGator™ Ltd was incorporated in 2007 and is headed up by a team of automotive professionals, with a combined industry background of almost ten decades. As keen motorsport enthusiasts our team is passionate about both performance and style.

From the initial launch in 2010, we have received considerable attention from the worldwide automotive market and the motoring press and received a number of awards including the coveted Auto Express Product of the Year. With a commitment to innovation, quality and customer support, we have seen sales of our products double year on year.

Our Story

Our success is driven by our people, by operating responsibly, by applying innovation in product design and by capturing new opportunities for profitable growth.

AlloyGator™ Ltd has an established and continually expanding network of fitting centres and trade partners both within the UK and around the world. Our patented alloy wheel protection system is now represented and available in more than 50 countries across the globe.

We have forged strong relationships worldwide with well-established, respected organisations who believe in and support the rapid growth in demand for the product and value its position as the market leader. We have a passionate team dedicated to nurturing our existing relationships, and helping us forge new relationships to grow our global distribution network and deliver our product to consumers worldwide, at a price tailored to suit local economies.
AlloyGators are manufactured to an internationally recognised Quality Management System specification for the automotive industry.

International patents granted:
Granted UK Patent No. GB2456258
Granted European Patent No. EP2150421
Granted Australian Patent No. AU20080252674
Granted US Patent No. US8807664
Granted Canadian Patent No. CA2687954
Multiple Worldwide patents pending

Our mission

Our mission is to be the global leader in the design and manufacture of alloy wheel protections systems, maintaining the highest standards for quality, customer care, employment and ethics. We strive to nurture and maintain strong relationships with partners throughout the world and to reinforce our core values, passion, spirit and innovation in everything we do.

Our Values

Our carefully selected team of keen motorsport enthusiasts are driven by a genuine passion for our product and a desire to deliver a high quality, durable and stylish product to our worldwide markets.

At AlloyGator we seek to build successful partnerships in pursuit of shared goals. We are open-minded and inclusive and demonstrate integrity and respect in everything we do. Our team are dedicated to our company mission and driven to deliver our ambitions.
We maintain a position at the forefront of industry developments and continuously improve the design and performance of our product to enable us to deliver a market leading solution to alloy wheel protection.

Our future
The strategy for the future is centered around continued brand development and growth through design innovation, product development and leadership. The overriding goal is to engage enthusiastic, committed and visionary customers whilst continuing to build a secure long-term future for AlloyGator, its partners, employees and stakeholders.

The businesses commitment is to deliver new and innovative products to the automotive market that make a real difference to consumers and stakeholders across the globe by providing style and discretion with unrivaled alloy wheel protection and cost effective and proactive solutions. In addition, we undertake extensive product testing with recognised automotive industry bodies and provide protection to partners through continual investment in worldwide patent registration.

Market Overview

As cars are improving in line with technological advances, the prices are also increasing. The average new car price in the UK is currently around 65% of the average UK salary compared to 35% 20 years ago. This has resulted in a huge upturn in car protection devices; alarms, trackers, stone chip protectors and dashcams are all on the rise as people seek to maintain the original standard of their new cars.

With car manufacturers designing more aggressive looking cars, larger alloy wheels and bigger tyres are a prominent feature that can often give an aesthetic advantage over competitors; however, with these bigger wheels, wider cars and poorly designed road networks comes the added risk of damaging alloy wheels on curbs, potholes and other road debris.

AlloyGators offer three distinct advantages to road users:

  1. Aesthetic styling to cater to the growing customisation market.
Covering up existing wheel rim damage instead of expensive wheel refurbishments.
  3. Protection of any further damage.

This three pronged approach to the market falls in line with automotive themes while also constantly increasing the available market to AlloyGator.

Business Approach

AlloyGator is a people business. We pride ourselves on our honesty, integrity, innovation and respect. These attributes can be found in all departments of the business form HR to Sales, Finance to Engineering. We believe that it is these core values that have contributed to our success to date and will continue to grow the AlloyGator business in conjunction with forecasts and strong ethics.

Our business approach is about doing things right and making decisions based on data; data-driven decisions are the backbone of our growth and these metrics are reviewed in every role of the business to ensure that sales opportunities, customer experience and our brand awareness is optimized.

Data processing and review has been a big factor in our company innovation and even our recruitment of key individuals is now based on data gained from the necessary skills for each role. This has meant that we recruit the right people to grow the business; AlloyGator is a people business.

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