Curt Rathbone – Managing Director Comments

The past 12 months have been transitional for AlloyGator and when the opportunity arises to step back and reflect on what has been accomplished, it is pleasing to see the output of our collective efforts.

As well as continuing our upward trend on sales, we have also seen a group-wide strategy deployed around working more efficiently and further developing our innovation based culture. We have achieved this through making a number of key appointments within the business, by investing in our existing team and by nurturing the physical environment that we spend so much time in.

UK sales have increased in line with the UK industry trends; with our large export markets, it is easy to forget that the UK has the 9 largest automotive aftermarket industry in the world worth around £21bn. Our introduction of our 5* Fitter programme has ensured that we are cementing our relationships with our existing loyal fitting network while ultimately giving the end user an even better service.

Our conversations with vehicle manufacturers have been positive and we are in advanced talks with a number of European OEM’s regarding partnerships.

We have invested significantly in our business step-change in many different areas; as well as operational investment, we have also focused on new product innovation and R&D that is likely to result in new product lines becoming available and improved existing products.

Over the next 12 months we will be seeing through the improvements that we have made and working with all partners of the business from suppliers, through distributors and fitters right up to the end-user to ensure that everything we are doing has a positive outcome that results in a better experience for the customer.

Any business is challenging, but it’s these challenges, obstacles and solutions that we thrive on at AlloyGator. The result of these experiences continues to see us develop into stronger and more polished organization year on year.

Curt Rathbone
Group Managing Director
 August 2019

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